GREETINGS! it appears you have stumbled upon my very own website! i am CYCLOPAMINE! this website is a personal project of mine and is permanently a work in progress... THANK YOU FOR VISITING! this site is coded for view on COMPUTER so those viewing on mobile may not have the full experience! (☆w☆)


    silliest girl on the internet!
  • MUSIC - Thanks for Coming, IDKHOW, doopees, the front bottoms, laika, weatherday
  • TV - Parks and Rec, Star Trek, WWDITS,
  • MOVIES - The Truman Show, Clueless, Smithereens, Whatever happened to baby jane, Eternal Sunshine
  • VIDEO GAMES - ACNH, Stardew Valley, Pokemon
  • FOOD AND DRINK - iced matcha, mac and cheese, noodles, fruit in general, boba
stickers! drag them!